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Vegetable Literacy - Fermentation - Date TBD

Vegetable Literacy - Fermentation - Date TBD


This course is for eaters and cooks who like it when things get funky. In this class we will explore what happens when we introduce time and a special group of little bacteria to our veggies. From sauerkraut to yogurt, kimchi to kombucha, we'll cover a few aspects of the biological evolution of food.


  • Sunday, October 14
  • 1:00 - 5:00p
  • At Walker Homestead

What is included:

  • One 4-hour class
  • Hands-on approach both in the field and kitchen
  • Basic knowledge using old and new techniques in preservation and fermentation
  • Cans on cans of funky treats!
  • Unlimited questions answered by farmer Shanti and chef Chris
  • Access to recipes and techniques
  • Class meal!
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