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CSA Share

CSA Share


Muddy Miss Farms, in collaboration with Provender and Walker Homestead, is offering a 22 week summer produce CSA for the 2018 growing season. As a CSA member you will also have the option to purchase additional foods weekly such as eggs, proteins, and prepared gourmets food to for complete meal options. To preview what will be offered, click here.

Here's a few CSA details:

  1. On-farm pickup on Thursdays, 4:30 - 7p -- 3867 James Ave SW, Iowa City, 52246 -- 15 minutes west of downtown Iowa City

  2. Weather permitting, the CSA will run from May 24rd - October 18th 2018 for a total of 22 weeks. If the start date needs to change due to growing conditions, the end date will be adjusted accordingly.

  3. Cost of vegetable CSA share $625, which breaks down to about $28.50 per week in produce. (Please contact Shanti at muddymissfarms@gmail.com if you'd like to talk about a payment plan)

  4. A la carte add-on items available on a weekly basis. The week of pickup pull up the website and reserve your eggs, chicken, fresh pasta, stocks, sauces, breads ... whatever might be offered that week. We'll have it ready for you when you pick up your CSA that week and checkout is all done online.

  5. CSA members will have first opportunity to sign up for our on-farm classes featuring animal processing, butchery, food preservation, and cookery. To view 2018 class offerings, CLICK HERE.

And if you're wondering ... What is a CSA?

The term CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is exactly that! As the consumer, you make an up-front investment or buy a “subscription” to our farm and reap the benefits of that investment throughout the growing season in the form of fresh food each week. By making this initial purchase you help provide us small farmers with capital up front -- money to buy necessary seeds, implements, tools, materials, and feel. It also allows us to grow a diverse assortment of crops, with an established destination for all the delicious food we work so hard to grow.
By joining a CSA you are joining forces with a local farm, rejoicing in the bounty that a diversified farm provides and weathering the storms and challenges that are inherent to sustainable agriculture. You are given the opportunity to eat healthy, delicious and beautiful food, assured that the hard-earned money you spend is staying in the community you care about.
A CSA is truly a mutually beneficial relationship. You, the consumer, get a variety of fresh, nutritious food each week and we, the farmers, sustain our businesses and our futures as local producers. Everybody wins and we all eat well!
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