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Shanti Sellz is an Iowa City native whose love for growing food began in her mother’s backyard garden digging potatoes, trellising peas and picking (eating) cherry tomatoes by the bucketful.

With over 20 years of experience in mid-scale organic farming and agricultural education, Shanti has worked and taught on farms throughout the western United States as well as in Central and South America. Shanti has a degree in International Studies with a focus on Agriculture and Public Health from the University of Arizona and is certified in Permaculture Design.

Shanti returned to her fertile Iowa homeland in 2012 to create Muddy Miss Farms - a diverse, organic-method produce, herb, and flower operation. Shanti is also the co-founder of Green Share LLC, a collective of regional organic farmers that aggregate their products to supply CSAs, restaurants, grocery stores and farmers’ markets within four eastern Iowa counties.

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Shanti is passionate about working towards a more vibrant local food system -- where small farms thrive -- and fresh, beautiful, healthy food is affordable and accessible to everyone.

The name Muddy Miss Farms derives from a business Shanti’s parents created in the late 1970’s selling canned Mississippi River water as a novelty to tourists. While the original name was meant as commentary on the pollution and devastation of the mighty Mississippi by agriculture and industry, Muddy Miss Farms is reclaiming the name through agricultural practices that restore rather than destroy. The Mississippi River may never be the same, but we are committed to cleaning our injured soils and waterways, even if it’s one small tributary at at time.


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