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February 18 National Wine Day

It is National Wine Day and we are so close to receiving our occupancy permit from Johnson County!  We plan to be share Walker Homestead Farm and Winery with you on Sundays from noon – 5:00 pm starting in March.  “Find Me”,Sun Kissed”, and our “Estate Cuvee” are our new releases and we are excited to share them with you.

“Find Me” is made from a Corot Noir, deep red grape from the Fort Madison area.  This dry wine is a farm favorite, fruit forward, polished red wine aged on mocha and vanilla toasted French oak and pairs nicely with hearty, rich dishes.

“Sun Kissed” is made from a Traminette crisp, white grape from the Fort Madison area. “Sun Kissed” is bright, floral and delicate. You will want to spend the day with this one. Serve slightly chilled, lovely with salads or a cheese plate.  

Our Estate Cuvee” comes from our oldest grapes and is of a special blend that is perfect on a cold winter night or to follow your favorite meal.  It is a great sipper after a long day.

We are excited to be open and can’t wait for you to come and experience Walker Homestead Farm and Winery!