Carrots & Broccoli w Garlic & Herbs

This quick and easy recipe is a constant in my kitchen. And if I'm completely honest, so many summer vegetables are cooked this way in my house for a few good reasons:

  • Allows each vegetable to do it's thing. Carrots get to be carrots, crunchy(not soft) and sweet. Broccoli gets to be broccoli, crunchy(not drabby green and mush) and fresh.
  • Soft herbs and an acid(like lemon) help brighten and enhance your vegetable cookery. You even get to use less salt because herbs and acid help bring out flavors as well.

Give it a try. And I strongly encourage you to do it with other veggies as well. Summer squash takes to herbs super well. Carrots like grassier, greener tasting herbs, like parsley and tarragon. Play around. There are no rules!

carrot and broccoli.png
Chris Grebner