Grilled Little Gems w Radishes & Asparagus w Buttermilk Dressing


Little gems. That really is what they are. I first got my hands on on this lovely green while working at a restaurant in Portland, Oregon. I learned a lot at this place in particular and maybe my favorite skill or tool I've developed: restraint. The produce I had the honor of working with was some of the best I had ever seen, and it is because of this that we did nearly nothing to it. And that's one of my favorite things to do with little gems. I peel off the outer leaves, cut the exposed root end, slice it in half keeping the head intact, season and eat. 

Here's a recipe where you can grill the head after you've cut it, although this recipe would be equally delicious if you choose not to fire up the grill and leave all those beautiful veggies raw. 

grilled little gems.png
Chris Grebner