Many of you are aware that our sweet little farm house and home to Shanti and Andrew, caught on fire on March 2nd.  First is the shock of losing something we cared so deeply about, losing belongings, family heirlooms, photos, and most painfully, two beloved farm dogs.  But once the smoke clears, there is the awakening to the realization that we are not defined by a physical structure that can fall victim to simple elements of nature. Our farm family is stronger than that one unfortunate event. In the same way a field burn brings on fresh growth and vigor, we have renewed energy and new found resiliency that is core to an ag community.   

We will address the mechanics of dealing with the fire but we have every ounce of our being focused on forward movement. Andrews’s plans for our heritage Kunkune pigs are now laid out. Chris and Shanti are constructing the rabbit houses this week. Miraculously Shanti’s garden seeds survived the fire and the seedlings are coming in strong. There were tears of joy when the small sprouts confirmed for us their survival of the fire and water assault. A big thank you to the community for all your support and to those who helped build the Muddy Miss Farms cat tunnels last week!

How fitting that we kick off spring of 2018 in a demonstration of how this community pulls together to support one another? With love and gratitude from all of us on the homestead, thank you.

 -Bob, Kristy, Chris, Shanti and Andrew   

kristy walker