Welcome to our homestead. We have had quite the journey thus far to get us here and yet we cannot wait to see how it all unfolds. At this moment, Walker Homestead is a blank canvas that holds so much promise.

Despite the unknowns and challenges we have to get us to this point of taking ownership of this farm, we have held one core value and that is respect for the land and the sharing of its bounty with family, friends and neighbors.

Farmer’s will often refer to anyone in a five mile radius as ‘neighbor’. In that same spirit, we would like to extend that title to anyone we spend time with on the homestead. How do you share breaking of bread and the amazing farm life with others and not feel the glow of kinship?

When all the rest of the world is churning chaos and complexity, we look forward to creating a getaway on these 80 acres, where joy can be found in watching the chickens take care of the bugs, goats at play, and ginger walks through the gardens, enjoying warm pizzas from a wood fired oven topped with freshly picked vegetables, cheese made next door and wine from local grapes.

And this is just the beginning…

Extending a welcome from the team,

Shanti, Katie, Andrew, Chris, Dennis, Bob and Kristy

kristy walker